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Association of Ifugao Bible Churches Inc. originated in the mountainous area of Ifugao. Because of God's great love to the Ayangan people, He sent Len Newell a missionary from Canada. He together with his wife Doreen they    travelled the very dangerous road to Batad, Ifugao. They stablished a mission house and eventually lived with the indigenous people of Batad. They strive to learn the culture and language of the people to understand them and to be able to translate the Bible. With God's grace they completed the New testament into the Batad language which was dedicated July 1977. The Word of God was preach in their own language so many Ayangans believed and accepted the Lord and was baptize. Many dedicated believers volunteered to go out into the other villages to preach the gospel.

After many years of church planting by the culporter the believers decided to make a center so that it will be used as training center for leaders so that they will be more effective preachers. The churches through out Ifugao decided to for form an organization which is now called the Association of Ifugao Bible Churches. (AIBC) This compose of 120 Evangelical churches,. 

Years later by God's grace the Old Testament was translated and in October 29,2010 it was dedicated at the AIBC center.  

Len Newell. Main Translator of the New Testament.

Translators of the Ayangan Bible (from left to right) Anita Laya, Henry "Bukkay" Guimbong, Dolores Punghan. Not in picture were Francis "Bon'og" Poligon and Josie Ngittit.

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