The Women's Organization of AIBC

The first women conference of AIBC was held at Sanafe Bible Training Center last August 30-September 1, 2013. And there are 350 plus delegates. There are three speakers, and the Theme of the conference is: "Hands to Work, Hearts to God"

And the first election for officials was made, here are the list of the elected officers:

Chairwomen: Catherine Ti'gui

Vice-Chairwomen: Rachel Ngittit

Secretary: Conchita Tuguinay

Treasurer: Dolores Punghan

Auditor: Vangie Monhinag

Bus. Managers:

Tarcela Aggasna

Josephine Angihan


Gina Bala-oy

Marina Pagaddut

Group Coordinators:

      Group 1.... Lilian Lahhin

      Group 2.... Sharon Guinuman

      Group 3.... Bella Bumatchi

      Group 4.... Vangie Gayana

      Group 5.... Rita Vicente

      Group 6.... Betty Tuco

      Group 7.... Josie Belingon

      Group 8.... Tita Cuyahon

      Group 9.... Venus Dumalangay


1. Anita Laya

2. Mary Ann Alidao

3. Evelyn Amejna


The Speakers:

Sis. Josefina Lihoc, taught about the "Responsibility of Women"

Ptr. Deborah Arquero, speaks about "Women in the Ministry"

Ptr. Conchita Cabbigat, taught about "Hands to work, Hearts to God"


These are some pictures of the delegates!


Ptr. Ardo Punghan, the President of AIBC awarded a certificate to Sis. Mary Ann Alidao for her outstanding support and making the first Women's Conference a success!


The Ad Hoc Committee:

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